Distillation Tower Graphic with Sub-Systems Overview:

The Distillation Program is representative of "intermediate" type Standard Programs and is useful in a wide variety of refining, petrochemical, and chemical plant applications.


Training Objectives:

Typical training objectives include:


Process Description:

Representative of a standard industrial Distillation tower, this process is designed to separate a two component mixture in a low-pressure environment. The multiple-tray tower provides fractionation with boil-up provide by a steam reboiler. The overhead system includes a total condenser and an overhead receiver. They system provided for a range of feed composition and temperature.

The Dynamic Profitability Analysis feature provides user-driven process economics and displays both "instantaneous" and "accumulated" profitability. This information can be historically trended against standard process variabl es for determining optimum operating conditions and procedures.



The tower base level controller maintains the bottom product rate. The overhead product rate is controlled by the overhead accumulation level. The base temperature is maintained by measuring the temperature of the bottoms tray and controlling the reboiler steam rate. Systems pressure is maintained by the split range pressure controller at the overhead receiver. Reflux can be cascaded with the top tray temperature or be controlled manually.




Upsets and Malfunctions:

The following upsets and malfunctions can be introduced by an instructor via a pre-programmed set of Training Exercises. At the end of the training session, these upsets and malfunctions can be used to test and operatorís ability to troubleshoot - r ecognize and correct problems - while safely and efficiently returning the process to design or normal conditions.

Student Performance Analysis:

A comprehensive set of recording, testing, and evaluation tools included with the Distillation Program provide important training documentation and scores.

"Student Performance Analysis" is the name for this entire "testing/evaluation/records package. Key components include:


Complete Training Package:

Simulation Solutions' Standard Programs are complete training packages. Each Program comes with live process graphics, printer reporting functions, and many other features. Also provided are comprehensive on-line training manuals.

The complete training package includes the following:


The built-in Dynamic Profitability Analysis Tool:


This tool, visible to both the operator and instructor, automatically up-dates every second. It tracks and records the dollar impact that the process control changes made by the operator have upon the efficiency of the operation.

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